Thursday, July 30, 2009

Butterfly Baby Quilt

I decided on a bouquet of flowers in the center of the oval of butterflies in flight. Turned out real well. I pressed the quilt top yesterday. Today I will mark the top so it can be hand quilted. This was not only a fun creative project, but a pure joy !

the Quilt Lady

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby/Toddler Butterfly Quilt

This last week after doing a little research, I decided to make about four baby/toddler quilts. Around the size of 41-42" x 47-48".

My first one is being made with leftover butterflies from my "Butterflies in My Garden" quilt. I want to add flowers and leaves next on the baby quilt. Making them in the same bright colors as the Queen-sized quilt. But this baby quilt is not done in squares at all. But in an oval sort of circle with a butterfly in each corner.

Right now I have all the butterflies but three appliqued on the quilt. I think when one appliques most of the time it seems to go faster as experience is attained. It was no time at all and I had most of them done on the quilt.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Butterflies in my Garden Quilt Update

I finally started handquilting the top of this colorful quilt ! Like butterflies and flowers! Trying to decide what quilts I want to put together next. I hope that I will be able to have the maple leaf quilt done by this fall.

Because, I will be selling some of the quilts I make, I do have to be careful what I make. Either make my own patterns or get the quilts that are now in public domain. I like reproducing old quilt patterns.

Starting this Thursday, I am free to do what I want. Or you can say I am sort of on a vacation of sorts; no babysitting. From July 9-19th. Guess what I will be doing? Sewing, quilting and cleaning out some rooms upstairs ! I have three other big rooms upstairs, besides my bedroom. So I might as well convert them into sewing rooms/ guest rooms...I live in a 11 room house in the country, located close to a main road. My dream is to some day open a quilt shop, and even have quilt classes where a few out-of-towners can stay the night.

I have an old Pfaff, 103 yr old treadle, 401A Singer and I will be getting another old Singer; a Slantomatic.