Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Sunday I decided to work on the flower garden quilt. Amazing even to myself, I was rolling along at a pretty good rate. Watching Tv and sewing to my hearts content. Before I knew it, I was putting a bunch of "flowers" together and deciding that instead of 8 and 7 flowers in a row, it wasn't big enough for my taste so I went to 8 and 9 per row. I laid them out, with colors in mind and then started to piece them together in strips. You can not be lettting your mind raom while piecing these ladies! So I have two rows done and now sewing them together! Unfortunately, now I will have to cut and make more "flowers" as I have added one to each row! Oh well, better to be happy with the finished product and make a handful more! I had laid it out on a queen and decided even if it might be for a full-sized bed, it can also be used for a queen.
I knew a beginner that asked me how one should go about piecing them; should one do all the basting and then start putting them together, or should you make all the ones for just one "flower" and then do one at a time. Ladies, I can't wait that long! Just thinking I baste them all before seeing a few put way! Some start with the center and add a row around (usually a solid fabric), then a row around that is usually a print, then a solid color (in my case a cream muslin). Is there a "right" way? As long as the quilt gets done.

The Quilt Lady

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Amish Baskets

Of course, I have been working on the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

But the quilt on the "frame" is the Amish Baskets Quilt. The center medallion is handquilted and three blocks to the left bottom of the medallion; which has the feathers and the feathered heart. I also have 3 basket squares handquilted. This morning I am working on the bottom right feathers and feathered heart.

Last night and early this morning I finished putting on the 9" yellow border on the butterfly quilt. Using my old treadle (that I got for free!) This is the one that was given to me that had the actual old fabric of the 1930's! The border, really made it "pop". It is long enough to tuck under pillows and the width is about 79"/80". I laid it out on my daughter's queen-sized bed and thought; "wow"!!! Beautiful! Now is when I wished I had another frame set up so I could quilt on two quilts at the same time. I have an oval hoop, but I like a big frame as I make sure all is nice and smooth.

I decided to "make" time to quilt as I have peace and harmony during the quilting process!!!!

the Quilt Lady

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Amish Basket Quilt

I finished marking the quilt top this morning, I then put it on the quilt frame and basted the quilt with safety pins. She is already to be hand-quilted. I use feathers and a feathered heart design on the quilt.

I also took pictures (regular camera) of the dresden plate quilt and Grandmother's yo-yo garden , so I can post them for sale on etsy soon.

After the wedding, I will be getting back into quilting full-time, once more!


Autumn Leaves

Been working on my daughter's wedding dress and the three bridesmaids dresses'. The wedding is a month away!

I have been recently working a little on the Autumn Leaves quilt. Well, at least the blocks. I have a small handful of blocks left to do about 5, I think. I will then go back and embroidery the veins of the leaves as well as the stems. I can't make up my mind how I will place the blocks together. So, when they are ready, I will have to experiment with the blocks. I bought a nice brown/black border to use with the quilt.

Quilting is my way of getting in the "peace" zone. I let my mind wonder to good things while I am quilting.