Saturday, December 12, 2009


Sorry I have not been posting much. I have been very ill and in the hospital.
So hopefully I will be able to make up for lack-of-posting.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sorry, I have been away for some time now.

I finished in one week a machine quilted baby quilt for my great niece. I stippled the whole thing. I didn't have time to do a handquilted one.

Also working on three other baby quits. One I designed and is finished. Another is the Lonestar and the third is an animal quilt.

The Quilt Lady

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Give-Away!

Head on over to
for the two-2 yard fabric giveaway!

Don't miss the chance to win!

The Quilt Lady

Autumn Leaves Quilt

I finished this quilt top on Sunday August 16th, 2009 !!!
I decided on cutting the sashings at 3 " wide and # " black blocks inbetween the sashings. Sashing is a homespun plaid; black, taupe and cream with threads of shinny metallic running through the pattern. I also decided on the 3" as a border as well. This quilt really even surprised me. It turned out better than I could have imagined.

Tomorrow it will be put on my quilt frame; let the handquilting begin...

Today I was crocheting cotton dishclothes; made about a dozen.
Still working on my sewing/quilting/basketmaking room.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amish Baskets Quilt

Feathers and feathered hearts were what I used in the solid white areas of this quilt. The colors used were cranberry, burgundy country blue and hunter green prints. Along with a floral print to match the other prints.


The Quilt Lady

Yo-Yo Cottage Garden

Here is a wall hanging quilt I completed, it was so fun to do ! The tiny leaves were interesting though and there was some embroidery to do as well, but this quilt was well worth it!!!
The Quilt Lady

Dresden Plate

Okay, finally! I have pictures of my work! I really need to save up to get a digital camera!
Today, I finally took the plunge and posted three quilts for sale on Etsy !!!

Anyone interested in just checking out my site:

Only thing is, this computer is so old, I could only manage to set up one picture for eaach item, so I decided to try and download the close-ups here so people could drop by here for a look-see.

I am still working on the sewing room...long process. And trying to work on quilts at the same time...

I do have Four of the top row blocks done for the Autumn leaves quilt!
The Quilt Lady

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Sewing Room

Well, I don't have any pictures, because I am just starting to get the sewing room together. I actually need more than one room ! Well, I do have many room that make up the "whole of it all"!

Like upstairs I have a Pfaff in my bedroom. And an ironing board in another room. Downstairs, I have a treadle in my livingroom, I cut on my diningroom table and I have a craft room. Soon to be the sewing room. In there I just brought in a nice cutting table that has storage and an antique display case with fabric stacked nice and neatly. I also have my mother vintage singer as well. I got blessed when someone delivered it to my door! I am also to get another vintage singer. I have a Babylock serger, that needs to go in to be fixed, it's a little sick right now.

I also make baskets and could start another blog on them. So I have supplies all over the place.

I have tons of rooms: 7 rooms downstairs (Laundry, Kitchen, Livingroom, Diningroom, Parlor{separate entrance and will become my sewing room}, Bathroom and some spare room between the bathroom and the Parlor {don't know what it was, but it could be another bedroom}. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs! So, that makes 11 rooms total! Big, country home on 4.29 acres. Thing is all my three girls are grown and gone. Two are married, and I have 4 grandchildren. So, I am happily, rambling around in this old house, having it all to my own.

The Quilt Lady/Basket Lady

Kansas Dugout Vintage Quilt

This was done as a special order. A friend of my Father-in-laws'. She received this quilt top, minus the pink border, from someone she knew. It is old and was done by someone's grandmother. She wanted it bigger and wanted a pink wide border around it. So I was not the one who originally pieced this quilt top.

When I am doing a quilt top started by another, my mind happily wanders; wondering what the lady was like and why she was making this quilt...ahhh...Looks like she had no rhyme or reasoning when putting this top together, other than she seemed to consistantly put solid pink or solid yellow in the middles. Oh... other than the stray navy ones...okay, I need to face it, she didn't do anything consistantly! Wasn't one of my favorite quilts to make. But, oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Three items that will be going on Etsy.
30'sDresden Plate
Yo-Yo Garden Cottage
Amish Baskets

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Butterfly Quilt

Finshed! WooHoo!!

I did receive pictures today in the mail so the next 4 posts will have pictures in them.
Kansas Dugout; a top made long ago by someone else and handquilted by me. This is not the sort of quilt I would piece...

The finished Amish Baskets Quilt, Grandma's Yo-Yo Garden (wallhanging) and the 30's Dresden Plate Quilt.

The Kansas Dugout Quilt was a special order, but the other three will be going up for sale on Etsy soon.

Tops to be quilted:

My Butterfly Garden (on the quilting frame)
Feathered Star
Stepping Stones
Vintage 1930 Quilt Top (I received the fabric (mostly cut out)

Quilts in process:

Grandmother's Flower Garden
Autumn Leaves
Country Bride Quilt


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Updating on the Baby Quilt

Hot and very humid here today, everything is sticky as glue !!!

But, that isn't stopping me from trying to get that baby quilt done, I am getting real close to the finish line, it is within site ! Three move feathers to do.

I wish I was updated with equipment; newer computer and a digital camera like everyone else seems to have. But, for now, I like in the dark ages...So all I can do is write and post no pictures until they come through the mail...Seems like I am living in the slow lane; like the turtle, while all the rabbits are running past me...oh well, someday, I too will be able to run.

I am enjoying looking up different bloggers who quilt, there are some real nice blogs out there that have to do with quilting. As I wait for pages to load, I sit and hand quilt, so I am getting much done.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Butterfly Baby Quilt

I decided on a bouquet of flowers in the center of the oval of butterflies in flight. Turned out real well. I pressed the quilt top yesterday. Today I will mark the top so it can be hand quilted. This was not only a fun creative project, but a pure joy !

the Quilt Lady

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby/Toddler Butterfly Quilt

This last week after doing a little research, I decided to make about four baby/toddler quilts. Around the size of 41-42" x 47-48".

My first one is being made with leftover butterflies from my "Butterflies in My Garden" quilt. I want to add flowers and leaves next on the baby quilt. Making them in the same bright colors as the Queen-sized quilt. But this baby quilt is not done in squares at all. But in an oval sort of circle with a butterfly in each corner.

Right now I have all the butterflies but three appliqued on the quilt. I think when one appliques most of the time it seems to go faster as experience is attained. It was no time at all and I had most of them done on the quilt.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Butterflies in my Garden Quilt Update

I finally started handquilting the top of this colorful quilt ! Like butterflies and flowers! Trying to decide what quilts I want to put together next. I hope that I will be able to have the maple leaf quilt done by this fall.

Because, I will be selling some of the quilts I make, I do have to be careful what I make. Either make my own patterns or get the quilts that are now in public domain. I like reproducing old quilt patterns.

Starting this Thursday, I am free to do what I want. Or you can say I am sort of on a vacation of sorts; no babysitting. From July 9-19th. Guess what I will be doing? Sewing, quilting and cleaning out some rooms upstairs ! I have three other big rooms upstairs, besides my bedroom. So I might as well convert them into sewing rooms/ guest rooms...I live in a 11 room house in the country, located close to a main road. My dream is to some day open a quilt shop, and even have quilt classes where a few out-of-towners can stay the night.

I have an old Pfaff, 103 yr old treadle, 401A Singer and I will be getting another old Singer; a Slantomatic.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Amish Basket Quilt

I completed the Amish Basket quilt today. Double checked it or rather inspected it. Displayed it on the brass double bed I have. Turned it over to inspect the back and was pleasantly surprised how the back looked !! Let's say it is so beautiful, you could display the back as a quilt.

Working on, I think it is called Country Bride quilt...And embroidering the veins and stem on the Maple leaf quilt. I also have a new quilt already on the frame and ready to be hand-quilted. My Butterflies in My Garden Quilt !!!! Thing is, I get attached to these quilts I make...woo is me...hard to part with them...

Quilt Lady

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Sunday I decided to work on the flower garden quilt. Amazing even to myself, I was rolling along at a pretty good rate. Watching Tv and sewing to my hearts content. Before I knew it, I was putting a bunch of "flowers" together and deciding that instead of 8 and 7 flowers in a row, it wasn't big enough for my taste so I went to 8 and 9 per row. I laid them out, with colors in mind and then started to piece them together in strips. You can not be lettting your mind raom while piecing these ladies! So I have two rows done and now sewing them together! Unfortunately, now I will have to cut and make more "flowers" as I have added one to each row! Oh well, better to be happy with the finished product and make a handful more! I had laid it out on a queen and decided even if it might be for a full-sized bed, it can also be used for a queen.
I knew a beginner that asked me how one should go about piecing them; should one do all the basting and then start putting them together, or should you make all the ones for just one "flower" and then do one at a time. Ladies, I can't wait that long! Just thinking I baste them all before seeing a few put way! Some start with the center and add a row around (usually a solid fabric), then a row around that is usually a print, then a solid color (in my case a cream muslin). Is there a "right" way? As long as the quilt gets done.

The Quilt Lady

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Amish Baskets

Of course, I have been working on the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

But the quilt on the "frame" is the Amish Baskets Quilt. The center medallion is handquilted and three blocks to the left bottom of the medallion; which has the feathers and the feathered heart. I also have 3 basket squares handquilted. This morning I am working on the bottom right feathers and feathered heart.

Last night and early this morning I finished putting on the 9" yellow border on the butterfly quilt. Using my old treadle (that I got for free!) This is the one that was given to me that had the actual old fabric of the 1930's! The border, really made it "pop". It is long enough to tuck under pillows and the width is about 79"/80". I laid it out on my daughter's queen-sized bed and thought; "wow"!!! Beautiful! Now is when I wished I had another frame set up so I could quilt on two quilts at the same time. I have an oval hoop, but I like a big frame as I make sure all is nice and smooth.

I decided to "make" time to quilt as I have peace and harmony during the quilting process!!!!

the Quilt Lady

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Amish Basket Quilt

I finished marking the quilt top this morning, I then put it on the quilt frame and basted the quilt with safety pins. She is already to be hand-quilted. I use feathers and a feathered heart design on the quilt.

I also took pictures (regular camera) of the dresden plate quilt and Grandmother's yo-yo garden , so I can post them for sale on etsy soon.

After the wedding, I will be getting back into quilting full-time, once more!


Autumn Leaves

Been working on my daughter's wedding dress and the three bridesmaids dresses'. The wedding is a month away!

I have been recently working a little on the Autumn Leaves quilt. Well, at least the blocks. I have a small handful of blocks left to do about 5, I think. I will then go back and embroidery the veins of the leaves as well as the stems. I can't make up my mind how I will place the blocks together. So, when they are ready, I will have to experiment with the blocks. I bought a nice brown/black border to use with the quilt.

Quilting is my way of getting in the "peace" zone. I let my mind wonder to good things while I am quilting.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Butterflies In My Garden

The wide border done in winding vines and leaves with flowers is my own design. I used these same sort of bright colors on my daughters Butterfly quilt. I liked the way they nearly flew right off the quilt, that I redesigned this quilt in a Queen sized version with a nice "tuck under the pillow" length!

This is appliqued by hand and the top will be all hand quilted!

Let's face it; I have done 3 butterfly quilts and I like the results! Not only that, but, they are a great project to take anywhere to work on.

I found a pattern I have my eye on with a basket full of pansies and a butterfly hovering over them. This IS an antique pattern; old. I even found an antique quilt on line that someone was trying to sell with this exact pattern.

Haven't been quilting lately. Today I started sewing on my daughter's wedding dress, it is done except for the straps and any lace she wants on it. Not bad for a grandma...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cats and Dogs

I made this quilt about 6 years ago when my daughter was expecting my first grandchild. Thank God the quilt was here at my house as a year ago there was a fire at my daughter's home and they lost almost everything. The quilt I made her had gotten shoved to the back of the couch, under the cushions and it was a miracle that it was untouched! The middle grandson's quilt I made him with sailboats was in their Jeep and safe. Unfortunately, the youngest boy's quilt was burned...
This crib quilt went together nicely and no problem at all, I think I got the pattern out of some book I loaned from a library, not sure what book. Maybe a Thimbleberry one?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Grandmothers Flower Garden

I have been working on the Maple leaf (Autumn leaf) applique quilt. I think I am supposed to have at least 72 blocks for the quilt, I have 44 appliqued. I then have to go back and embroider the veins in the leaf as well as the stems. I figured I can applique about a block in 20 minutes, so it won't be long and the first stages of the quilt will be accomplished!

The quilt I have posted here today was a kit; the pieces were precut. Unfortunately, I started it and then ended up packing it away for years. The bad thing is that I didn't pack it in the right container. When I remembered I even had the quilt pieces..., I found that most had to be thrown away. Lucky for me I had enough to make a smaller version of the quilt. Since then, I have started on another "Grandmother's Garden". Thanks to that first quilt, I learned from experience. I am glad I searched for a better way of putting that kind of quilt together by using paper piecing(English Patchwork)! I can't believe I did this quilt without paper piecing!!!
The one I am doing now is a very slow process. I need 59 "flowers"!!! I have only 19 "flowers" done or almost done. I tend to work on this quilt when I get an urge to work on it or I want a "take-along" quilt project when I go visiting or on long trips when I am a passenger.
The quilt above ended up being; 52 1/2" x 65". I think it was supposed to be a twin sized quilt. Instead I throw it over a chair or the love seat.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grandma's Yo-Yo Garden

The wallhanging is quilted! It turned out great! I am getting ready to cut out my binding, sew it on the front and bast it on the back. Then Finished!!!!

I absolutely love Piecemakers quilt patterns! I have the "Times and Seasons" instructions to make all the old barn quilt! I have been slowly collecting the fabrics.

Off to finish the quilt!

The Quilt Lady

Plaid Stars Quilt

I got this pattern from a Fons and Porter quilting magazine; one of the earlier issues. I bought the kit at a quilt shop in Metamora, IL. They were nice enough to let me look at their fabric choices in the kit and switch the outer border for the one here in the picture!

The challenge for this quilt rested in the fact that, now I had all this fabric, how do I deside which ones would be sewn next to each other? So it was a must to cut the small squares and lay them out in the patchwork. It took some deal of time to make the quilt; I would start it with a passion and then run into a dilemma and put it down for days, even months. Then picking it up where I left off. I wondered from time to time while making the quilt, as I have done with a few others I have made. "Will this quilt turn out the way I had envisioned?"

Funny was the fact that when it was finished, I hung it up in my livingroom on the wall behind the treadle. I would stand there and look at it, with a frown on my face; something was wrong. Then it dawned on me that some of the squares were in the wrong place, duh. So once, I found what needed to be corrected, I had to go back to the "bag", pull out the leftover fabrics, and cut pieces out...I just removed the ones that were in the wrong place and sewed things in there rightful places. Guess I should make myself one of those boards so I don't repeat this again.


The Quilt Lady

Monday, March 9, 2009

Grandmother's Yo-Yo Garden

Lately I have been working on this wall hanging. It is from the Piecemaker's. I bought the pattern in Branson in a nice quilt store. I decided to do mine in pastels instead of how they showed it done. Since this picture, I have done all the embroidery work on it and added the applique leaves. I also have the center part of the quilt all handquilted.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I always have a couple of portable quilts going; I can either take them with me or sit in bed, watch tv and work on them. That is what I did Sunday, I worked on the Autumn Leaf, applique quilt. It has 72 blocks and is done in fall colors.

The other quilt is the Grandmother's Flower Garden. I use paper pieces. I finally got all the middle yellow hexagons ready and I am working on the next pieces; the solid colors. After that I will work on the prints/calicos and then the cream color ones. I think the best part is when you start sewing the pieces together to make the "flowers". The sound of the paper rustling as you turn and sew...

When my daughter was in the hospital there was an old Amish couple there and she was working on one of these. She used black instead of the cream. It was absolutely beautiful! Me being friendly...I went over and sat next to her talking about the quilt. I could have spent hours watching her! Her granddaughter was in the hospital. I wonder what ever happened to their granddaughter? As we were eventually transferred out of ICU after the many surgeries my daughter had to endure, and I never saw them again...

All too often people are mistaken when they think the Amish actually would keep a quilt that would have prints in them. They don't! They think it "worldly". They only use solids in their quilts. That doesn't mean they don't use prints for us "english" people. As that is one way for them to bring money into their community, is by making and selling the quilts. BTW, they do use sewing machines; treadles.

I restored an old treadle, when it was given to me it didn't work at all; rusty. But, thanks to the internet, I found a few places that showed you have to restore one! My macine is way over a hundred years old! It proudly sits in my livingroom; the first thing people see when they come a callin'. I love it, and wish I had a whole collection of them!

The Quilt Lady

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dresden Update

I finished the quilt this afternoon!! I decided on the butter yellow for the binding. I rounded the corners and it turned out beautifully!


The Quilt Lady

Friday, February 27, 2009

Butterfly Quilt

I made this for my middle daughter, since she was going through a tough teenage life, I thought bright colors may cheer her up.

I saw this miniture version in a magazine and didn't want hers to be that small! So I made my own version of the quilt. I don't know about anyone else, but there is something about butterflies and flowers that really brings light to my life!

Since then I have made more changes to this quilt and added a different border. I will be posting it in a later blog here.

This quilt, since it was appliqued was easy to take anywhere I went, including to Branson!!! Yes, I took it on our week at the timeshare!

Can you tell how much I love to quilt?! It brings out my creative side.


The Quilt Lady

Nine Patch Snowball Quilt

I saw this quilt in a magazine and since there was no pattern to be found, I drafted my own pattern.

I made this for my oldest daughter. In the "snowball", in the cream fabric I did a "dogwood". I was real happy with how it turned out

Most of my quilts are machine pieced and handquilted. Some are all handpieced and quilted. I don't like thimbles and my fingers are proof of that fact. In fact they were bleeding last night, because I was pushing myself to complete the Dresden quilt. No worry, because they are all healed this morning!


Dresden Plate Update

The top has been finished; handquilting is complete!
I took it off the frame this morning and did an inspection of the quilting.
Today, I will trim the edges to prepare for the binding. The decision is what I will use for the binding, sew one edge with the machine and finish with basting the other side.

Next will be deciding the next quit to go on the frame and marking it for handquilting!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Star Baby Quilt

When my oldest daughter was expecting her first child, I found this pattern in a quilt magazine. You are unable to view the back, but it is done in a fabric that has butterflies and flowers. That was 4 years ago!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip Around The World

Some years back I purchased a quilt in Branson at a quilt store down by the trout farm in a log cabin. It is falling apart and well worn, and I loved the darn thing. So I decided to make one myself one to replace the one I bought.I tried my best to match the fabrics in the one I bought and this was the best I could do.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vintage Stars

This is a quilt from a pattern I bought in a Metamora Quilt Shop. The center was going great and I was careful to follow the directions, but, something went wrong...I was constantly taking it apart and creating new pieces. I finally gave up and skipped doing one of the borders, just so I could finish that darn quilt!I must have done something wrong. Oh well, not every quilt comes together as it should.

I do have to say one thing, during this quilt I was taught many techniques which I needed to learn for future quilting, so all was not lost! In the end, it didn't turn out too bad, and hopefully I can "quilt out" some of the other things that turned up during the quilting process.


Stepping Stones

Not much of a story behind this quilt. I saw it in a book and was hit with a "wow" because it really stood out! Jewel-toned fabrics with unbleached muslin background. I didn't really like the one of the borders used in the quilt and made changes.

I have been steadily working on the Dresden Plate quilt and now have one end of the borders to finish. But because it is cold, I have to relocate where I am working on the quilts; the kitchen. I am sipping tea and working ona beutiful Grandmother's Garden Quilt; the hexagons. this quilt is totally done by hand using paperpiecing, which so far I have found, is the best way to hand piece this quilt. For every "flower I do it takes about 4 1/2 hours to sew together!


From blustery IL!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Old Quilt Tops

I especially enjoyed handquilting the "LoneStar" quilt. There was more room to use my creativity using circles with feathers. This lady really got a good deal on the handquilting as I charged a fee for doing the whole quilt, sight unseen. A lesson I learned from; if one is going to handquilt a quilt top, one should ask to either see the quilt or a picture first. Doing anything less would have not done justice to the quilt itself. Whoever pieced the quilt, did so by hand, not by machine, since both were heirloom quilt tops, one must be in keeping with what the other woman started. I also had to try and fix the quilt in many places, trying not to take away too much from the original piecing.

The other quilt was just a Fourpatch, for being a simple quilt, whoever handquilted it, was not very experienced, really poorly done. Maybe she was a child or inexperienced quilter. The colors were nice though. It was crooked and pulled every which way; a real challenge. Once again, I learned that I should have looked at the quilt more closely.
Not pictured here was the "Kansas Dugout" quilt. The fabrics were, well, not something I would have picked...When finished, it wasn't too bad.
All the quilt tops came from a lady who inherited a bunch of quilt tops from someone, I think, in her family. I never meet the lady, instead a friend of hers was the one who not only brought me the quilts, but also picked them up. She was given the last quilt; "Kansas Dugout".
Experience, is a good teacher! But, doing that Lonestar quilt was pure joy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Amish Baskets

This is a quilt top that I have sewn together by machine. When handquilted, I will be quilting large hearts surrounded by feathers in the white blocks. Not sure yet how I will be handquilting the rest. I thought this quilt would be eye-catching and also look traditional. I basically didn't have to go out and buy "new" fabric for this quilt. Most of it was bought when we were staying at one of our timeshares near St. Louis, Missouri. I use to do that; buy fabrics and match them up for later use in making a quilt. Tip is to always make sure you buy enough; better to have too much than not enough! Deb

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vintage Butterfly Quilt!

This quilt has a story! While I was working as the Head Librarian at the Toluca Public Library, I met some real nice quilters!

One of these ladies, asked if I would take quilts that had been started, but not finished. Ladies, I would never turn down such a blessing as this! This was one of the unfinished quilts! This is the real thing; old vintage fabrics! There were a few butterflies that had the embroidery donearound them, other than that, she was all mine to do. With black embroidery thread,and the blanket stitch, I proceded to slowly work on the quilt. All or most of this quilt was cut out, so that was a real treat! But, like most quilter's, I was busy with other things and it took years to finally finish sewing. The whole top is totally handquilted, no sewing machine here!

One lady that is friends with my father-in-law, would watch as I worked on it. I knew she admired the quilt with the bright colors. And when my poor little "Misty" got ill, she is the angel who went with me to the vet. At the time money was real tight and she helped me pay for the vet bill, didn't want the money back. Unfortunately, my little gal didn't make it. But, I never forgot what that woman did for me. When I finally finished the quilt top, I showed it to her. She sat there on one Easter, "petting it" , admiring it and looking like se was wishing it could be hers. So, I went over and told her I was giving it to her, because one should get paid back for showing a kindness. She wanted it bigger, so she went out and we matched the bright yellow up and will be sewing a nice border of yellow around the quilt later.

She brought me an heirloom quilt top and I quilted it for her for free. I do not have the picture on my web site yet. It was "Kansas Dugout".

Dresden Plate 1930's Reproduction Fabric

Here she is! 3/4 of the way finished! I dislike when this happens....I like the way it looks, but, I have to sell her...what can I say? I have three dresden plates to quilt and the border just on that one end. Then I can sew the binding on...can't wait to see the finished quilt.
I have an etsy account/web site up; ready and waiting to roll.
I would like to see some comments posted on how you feel about the dresdan plate quilt?!
Please do check out my web site as I have downloaded many pictures of quilts to the site this morning! At least 10 new photos!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Research on Reproduction Quilts

Early this morning, I was reading my devotions where they were talking about Abe Lincoln. Hello...I was intrigued as good ole Abe lived here a while in this state! Found out Lincoln was born 200 years ago! Okay, now I have to design a quilt...

My interests also go back to the civil war quilts, pioneer quilts, Baltimore Album quilts and 1930's reproduction quilts, okay, I like most reproduction quilts. I discovered that some museums are being more than kind enough to have some people come in and reproduce patterns for us to purchase!!! Okay, I am more than ecstatic!!!

To me there is nothing more peaceful than recreating a quilt from start to finish just like that person did years ago. What were they thinking when they were making it? What were their lives like? These women, and yes some men were artists! But they may not have thought as themselves that way.

There are many who are making the Jane Sickle quilt. And there are so many more patterns available as well as museums who are displaying these wonderful work of art quilts!

My middle daughter; Amber hopes she can make it over tomorrow to take pictures of the quilts I don't have on my web site; yes, including the Dresden plate who is 3/4 finished now! When the quilt is finished, she will go up for sale at Etsy on the site there. Okay, this will be sad to sell it...but I can't keep them all!

After I finish the all 6 of those quilts, I will be working on reproduction quilts.

Civil War, Baltimore Album, Mariner's compass, Whole cloth, and early 1930's quilt patterns.

I spent about 8 1/2 hrs quilting today! And I don't think I am done...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dresden Plate Update

I have the top over half quilted! The digital camera my daughter borrowed me turned out not to have a maybe I will have to get someone to come over, take pictures with their digital and send them to me...

I have a Plaid Star quilt top, 1930 Feathered Star quilt top, Butterfly's In My Garden quilt top, Amish Baskets quilt top, and Stepping Stones quilt top all sewn together, waiting and ready to be handquilted, in the near future.

I am also working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden, A Maple Leaf appliqued quilt and A Country Bride Quilt.

I have been down cleaning out and organizing what use to be a parlor, into my quilting room. It use to be my craft shop, when I was selling crafts. Sold stuffed animals and dolls and handmade baskets, mini-quilts, etc.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bear in the Woods Quilt

I thought I would use this to post a journal of quilts I have done.

Starting with my favorite; "Bear in the Woods"

We were in Branson, MO staying at our timeshare. When we found out there were a couple of quilt stores in the area. Bought a quilt over by the trout farm, and went to see another by the Imax. But the real fun was visiting Quilt shops who sold patterns and fabrics!

My husband was standing admiring a quilt that was made on display, it was gorgeous! I just had to make one! He readily agreed and together we collected fabric for the quilt! It was a fun and bonding. A lady at the store in Branson told me about making a sheet up on the computer listing the different patterns of the quilt blocks with a square next to each. As I collected fabrics I could attach a piece of fabric, that way I could match the next bunch of fabrics I would purchase and they would go well together. I bought most at the shop where I purchased the pattern. There was also another page added; a picture of an applique bear, this really made the quilt.

A few years later, I went back to discover one that was for sale, they had it marked at $1500! Next time I went back they had a new one marked at more. Okay, it took me a while to get up the nerve to make it! It was a challenge! But, one year I decided to just do it! After many hours and yes even bloody fingers (okay I hate using thimbles, lacks the "feel"). It is finished and on my bed. Unfortunately, one of the grandkids found a pen and wrote on it. After a sunken heart, I never gave up and finally found something that would take out the ink! After that, I was scared to display it! Another quilt lays on top of it! I put a lot of love into that quilt!

But, then, I prefer doing quilts because of my heart; it tells me to do certain quilts, then I put my heart into making the quilt. This is why I don't do special order quilts, I only do the ones that speaks to my heart.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dresden Plate in 1930's Reproduction Fabrics

I started this quilt on January 5, 2009. Using 1930 reproduction fabrics I have collected over the past few years. It took about 8 hours to cut out most of the pieces. So far, I have put in about67 1/2 hours of sewing the pieces by machine and handquilting what needed to be appliqued; leaves, posies, the plate and the center round yellow piece of the plate.

Since then, I have spent around 21+ hours handquilting the top. She is on an old antique quilting frame. I bought off a lady in town for $10. Wonderful old thing...

I decided on 3 blocks by 4 blocks (12 total blocks). But, when I make another; it will be 4 blocks by 5 blocks (15 total blocks).

I am waiting to borrow a digital camera from my daughter, otherwise the next best thing I could do is use the scanner to get close-ups of the quilt.

This isn't my first quilt. Some of the quilts I have done are on my web site at: