Saturday, April 23, 2011

Autumn Leaves Quilt

I finally finished an UFO quilt!
This ended uo being the quilt my daughter wanted. I love this quilt! If she wouldn't have asked for this one, I would have kept it for myself!!

I also made a quilt for my grandson; Strip quilting on the diagonal. With his Great Grandpa's flannel work shirts. Funny how you start an idea and it blooms and grows. After I laid out the 20 squares on the floor I had to decide what I was doing next. Light bulb moment!!! Put black in between the squares and arrange the squares actually in a pattern! Wow! What a surprise and a nice one at that! have to post a picture of it soon. It is finished, and so is  my oldest grasndson's baby quilt. I had to put the  faces on the doggie's and kittie's. Another one done.

So tell me what you think?