Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Give-Away!

Head on over to http://frummpiesquiltgarden.blogspot.com/
for the two-2 yard fabric giveaway!

Don't miss the chance to win!

The Quilt Lady

Autumn Leaves Quilt

I finished this quilt top on Sunday August 16th, 2009 !!!
I decided on cutting the sashings at 3 " wide and # " black blocks inbetween the sashings. Sashing is a homespun plaid; black, taupe and cream with threads of shinny metallic running through the pattern. I also decided on the 3" as a border as well. This quilt really even surprised me. It turned out better than I could have imagined.

Tomorrow it will be put on my quilt frame; let the handquilting begin...

Today I was crocheting cotton dishclothes; made about a dozen.
Still working on my sewing/quilting/basketmaking room.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amish Baskets Quilt

Feathers and feathered hearts were what I used in the solid white areas of this quilt. The colors used were cranberry, burgundy country blue and hunter green prints. Along with a floral print to match the other prints.


The Quilt Lady

Yo-Yo Cottage Garden

Here is a wall hanging quilt I completed, it was so fun to do ! The tiny leaves were interesting though and there was some embroidery to do as well, but this quilt was well worth it!!!
The Quilt Lady

Dresden Plate

Okay, finally! I have pictures of my work! I really need to save up to get a digital camera!
Today, I finally took the plunge and posted three quilts for sale on Etsy !!!

Anyone interested in just checking out my site:

Only thing is, this computer is so old, I could only manage to set up one picture for eaach item, so I decided to try and download the close-ups here so people could drop by here for a look-see.

I am still working on the sewing room...long process. And trying to work on quilts at the same time...

I do have Four of the top row blocks done for the Autumn leaves quilt!
The Quilt Lady

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Sewing Room

Well, I don't have any pictures, because I am just starting to get the sewing room together. I actually need more than one room ! Well, I do have many room that make up the "whole of it all"!

Like upstairs I have a Pfaff in my bedroom. And an ironing board in another room. Downstairs, I have a treadle in my livingroom, I cut on my diningroom table and I have a craft room. Soon to be the sewing room. In there I just brought in a nice cutting table that has storage and an antique display case with fabric stacked nice and neatly. I also have my mother vintage singer as well. I got blessed when someone delivered it to my door! I am also to get another vintage singer. I have a Babylock serger, that needs to go in to be fixed, it's a little sick right now.

I also make baskets and could start another blog on them. So I have supplies all over the place.

I have tons of rooms: 7 rooms downstairs (Laundry, Kitchen, Livingroom, Diningroom, Parlor{separate entrance and will become my sewing room}, Bathroom and some spare room between the bathroom and the Parlor {don't know what it was, but it could be another bedroom}. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs! So, that makes 11 rooms total! Big, country home on 4.29 acres. Thing is all my three girls are grown and gone. Two are married, and I have 4 grandchildren. So, I am happily, rambling around in this old house, having it all to my own.

The Quilt Lady/Basket Lady

Kansas Dugout Vintage Quilt

This was done as a special order. A friend of my Father-in-laws'. She received this quilt top, minus the pink border, from someone she knew. It is old and was done by someone's grandmother. She wanted it bigger and wanted a pink wide border around it. So I was not the one who originally pieced this quilt top.

When I am doing a quilt top started by another, my mind happily wanders; wondering what the lady was like and why she was making this quilt...ahhh...Looks like she had no rhyme or reasoning when putting this top together, other than she seemed to consistantly put solid pink or solid yellow in the middles. Oh... other than the stray navy ones...okay, I need to face it, she didn't do anything consistantly! Wasn't one of my favorite quilts to make. But, oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Three items that will be going on Etsy.
30'sDresden Plate
Yo-Yo Garden Cottage
Amish Baskets

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Butterfly Quilt

Finshed! WooHoo!!

I did receive pictures today in the mail so the next 4 posts will have pictures in them.
Kansas Dugout; a top made long ago by someone else and handquilted by me. This is not the sort of quilt I would piece...

The finished Amish Baskets Quilt, Grandma's Yo-Yo Garden (wallhanging) and the 30's Dresden Plate Quilt.

The Kansas Dugout Quilt was a special order, but the other three will be going up for sale on Etsy soon.

Tops to be quilted:

My Butterfly Garden (on the quilting frame)
Feathered Star
Stepping Stones
Vintage 1930 Quilt Top (I received the fabric (mostly cut out)

Quilts in process:

Grandmother's Flower Garden
Autumn Leaves
Country Bride Quilt


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Updating on the Baby Quilt

Hot and very humid here today, everything is sticky as glue !!!

But, that isn't stopping me from trying to get that baby quilt done, I am getting real close to the finish line, it is within site ! Three move feathers to do.

I wish I was updated with equipment; newer computer and a digital camera like everyone else seems to have. But, for now, I like in the dark ages...So all I can do is write and post no pictures until they come through the mail...Seems like I am living in the slow lane; like the turtle, while all the rabbits are running past me...oh well, someday, I too will be able to run.

I am enjoying looking up different bloggers who quilt, there are some real nice blogs out there that have to do with quilting. As I wait for pages to load, I sit and hand quilt, so I am getting much done.